Offlimits is a registered charitable trust. The Offlimits Trust was formed to support the health and welfare of defence force personnel and to provide funding for those injured or killed whilst
serving New Zealand. In addition, the trust provides funding for soldiers to participate in a range of sporting endeavours. The trust has secondary mandates relating to:

  • Helping to promote NZ Army as a desirable full-time or part-time career.
  • Helping to re-engage the NZ public with the NZ Army through providing controlled access to military establishments via event participation.
  • Helping foster unity and professionalism within the sporting codes in which Offlimits participates.
  • Raising safety standards and event management within the sporting codes in which Offlimits participates.
  • Encouraging the public to visit the Waiouru region and in doing so, also visit the National Army Museum.
  • Being a good custodian of the Waiouru training area and investing into improving the track system that is utilised for Offlimits events.boundaryride08photos_0191

Offlimits receives no financial assistance from the NZ Army or NZ Defence Force. It is a separate organisation and if it wishes to utilise defence resources, then an appropriate payment for services rendered is provided. The Offlimits Trust generates revenue from conducting sporting activities and corporate events at Waiouru and other military establishments. Revenue received is used to pay direct event and overhead expenses. All surplus is then applied to meeting the objectives and mandate of the trust. All event helpers are volunteers and the trustees receive a small monthly fee to help defray their costs.

The current Office bearers are:

Chairman: Stephen Collier 021 832 965

Operations Manager, Secretary: Warrick Funnell 027-442-8322

Army no-go zone

Public feedback has shown that Waiouru and the adjoining Army training area, comprising 63,000 hectares, is a unique area that is off-limits to the New Zealand public but is a place many would love to visit and explore. Due to the training area being Defence Force property, having a very changeable climate, being heavily utilised throughout the year for military exercises, and having areas containing unexploded ordnance, the public cannot be allowed access on an unrestricted basis.

Offlimits has been created to enable outdoor orientated New Zealanders controlled and supervised access to the wonders and uniqueness of Waiouru. Only a limited number of activities are permitted each year in the Waiouru training area. These will all be co-ordinated and operated by Offlimits in order to avoid any commercial conflicts.

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