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2 June 2018

**Winter Events – Registration Update**

Thanks to everyone for their prompt registration for Ice Buster 4×4 Tour 2018. This event is now fully subscribed. We reached our normal cut off by 12.30pm yesterday of 55 vehicles. We extended the numbers to 70 and added another group which means we still have the same group numbers.

Winter Buster SxS & Quad Tour 2018 – event registrations are still open but filling up quickly. Hurry get your entry in sooner rather than later.

April 3 2018

Good Day Tussock Busters.
Thanks so much for all your comments in the last few days. I think from the way they read that pretty much all of you had a real good time at TB 2018. With 1500 of you running around at various speeds there is a lot of moving parts to the biggest Trail bike ride in Australasia. So your feed back and comments are always read and noticed, thanks.
To run events like TB Offlimits has an adventure tourism certification.

“Adventure mark” had an article in its quarterly e zine about the event if you would like to read it the link is
We are just in the throws of confirming the dates for Winter and Ice Buster. Looks like it will be 28th & 29th July 2018.
See You There!!


February 23 2018

What happens to the Money?

From time to time we are asked what happens to the surplus funds that the Offlimits trust generates from its events.
In the current financial year we have been able to assist 9 Donee individuals and groups to a total amount $108,259.00.
Offlimits is committed to ongoing assistance of Sporting pursuits, Education and welfare of NZDF personnel.
Thank you for your generous support. Yes we put on the events but that would count for nothing without the generous input from over 80 volunteers and most importantly you, all of the happy folk that participate in our events.
Thanks we can only do it as a team.
Below is a letter received from The No Duff Charitable trust. Thanks No Duff. It is a privilege to be associated with such a focused group of people who genuinely have the welfare of others as their goal.

No Duff Charitable Trust (NDCT) is pleased to announce it has received a significant donation from Offlimits Trust. This donation is crucial to the operations of NDCT in that it has effectively bought time for NDCT by way of being able to employ a General Manager in a full-time role.

For nearly two years, NDCT relied solely on volunteers to manage its activities. This meant that, while immediate response activities always had priority, there were a number of deeper levels of support that could not be considered or developed due to a sheer lack of time. The Trust was fortunate to have a core of volunteers who could work flexible hours at their jobs to fill the gaps, but it was never enough.
The financial support received from Offlimits has been essential to ease the pressure on volunteers, providing reliability and certainty in the form of a full-time employee. This allows NDCT to do what it does – provide support to Veterans and service people (and their families) in crisis – and continue to develop additional levels of support that are sorely needed to ensure the best support for Veterans, service people and their families is available.
So far, the support NDCT has provided has included a wide variety of tasks, ranging from simple exchange of advice face-to-face or by phone/email, through to short-term peer-to-peer support to get a Veteran through a rough patch. In addition, there have been a number of urgent interventions where individuals are at high risk of suicide or self-harm, requiring coordination of multiple agencies to provide wrap-around support. These are usually complex situations which unfold rapidly, as many underlying issues start to become exposed.
This year, with funding secured from Offlimits Trust, NDCT is looking ahead to growing its capacity to provide additional layers of support beyond the current urgent-response output.
One of the main upcoming events for NDCT includes becoming one of the four founding members of the new inter-agency forum, alongside Veterans Affairs NZ, Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association, and the New Zealand Defence Force. This forum is a joint effort at deconflicting services provided by the various organisations, allowing each to specialise, and forming closer relationships to leverage off those specialties, ultimately for the benefit of Veterans, service people, and their families.
In addition, NDCT is now able to focus on other areas it considers will have a significant impact on the services community, for example, creating a trial-run Veterans based Outward Bound course, and formulating and delivering training to both its volunteers and the wider services community in order to ensure that the maximum support is available.
Without the support from Offlimits Trust, and those that support Offlimits, NDCT would not be able to take the huge (and necessary) steps forward that it is currently taking. NDCT would like to sincerely thank both Offlimits, and their supporters, for enabling this to occur.
NDCT looks forward to continuing to work together in the years to come with Offlimits to help provide the best support we can for our services community.

Chris Morris

Chairman No Duff Charitable Trust


Offlimits – Tour Aotearoa 2018

Feb 10 2018

Offlimits – Tour Aotearoa 2018

At 8am this morning the Tour Aotearoa began. The riders will commence a 3000km cycling odyssey from Cape Reinga to the Bluff to raise funds for the NZDF community.

The theme for the ride is supporting those with ‘the Courage to serve New Zealand’. The riders Mike Beale, Nick Engleback and Siobhan Quayle are representatives of those they are raising funds for, a regular force member of the Army, a reservist who is also a Defence civilian and the daughter of a RNZAF veteran. They are seeking your support to raise funds that will go directly to supporting the Defence community.

They have selected Offlimits Trust as the charity the funds raised will go. The trust provides funding and other assistance towards promoting efficiency and safety in the NZDF by supporting the welfare, education, health and wellbeing of all members of the NZDF.

The riders are required to follow a specified route that includes as much off road trails and gravel roads as possible. They need to complete the ride in between 10 to 30 days, which requires a minimum of 100 kms a day that equates to about 8 to 12 hours of pedalling a day for 20 to 30 days. Our riders must carry all of their own equipment and food and cannot have outside support. While they can stock up supplies along the way and stay in commercial accommodation they will be required to camp out at times on the more remote trails.

If you would like to make a donation you can go to the Give A Little Page.

You could make a donation and then get on your bike and ride a section of the journey with them. What greater way to hear about the adventure than first hand in the saddle while turning your pedals.

Follow the team’s progress through MAProgress at the following link

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