1. Riders must wear an approved motorcycle helmet when riding.
  2. All riders must attend the riders briefing.
  3. Riders must not exceed first gear (under 10km/h) when in the camping area.
  4. No deliberate ramming, blocking or intentional contact with another rider.
  5. All officials must be obeyed. Their decision is final.
  6. Never ride against the arrows, i.e. never go backwards on the course.
  7. Stay within 5 metres of the arrows/designated course.
  8. Do not touch exploded or unexploded ordnance in the Waiouru training area.
  9. Riders participate in the event at their own risk. No responsibility or liability is accepted by New Zealand Defence Force, Linton Multisports, Offlimits or any employees or volunteers of these organisations.
  10. All riders must have registered and signed the waiver form before being permitted onto the tracks.
  11. Riders are to render assistance to injured riders discovered on the course and report the injury to an official as soon as possible.
  12. Only use the trails during the hours authorised.
  13. Stay left at all times, especially on two-way roads.
  14. Obey all speed limits, especially within the military compound.
  15. Do not litter.
  16. Consumption of illegal drugs is not permitted and will result in immediate removal from the activity.
  17. Consumption of alcohol is only permitted within the designated locations.  Drinking should be in moderation.  Drinking and driving, or drinking and riding, is not permitted.
  18. All participants are to enter the training area with sufficient equipment to repair their bikes and to handle inclement weather including snow and zero degree temperatures.
  19. If you break down, push your bike to the side of the track and stay with your bike. Wait for event staff or send another rider for assistance. A recovery vehicle will be despatched when available.
  20. When you digitally sign the entry it is the same as signing your name. Therfore if you sign for a person who you are not legally entitled to sign for, you committing forgery. In the case of any legal action this could make you liable for damages and guilty of a serious crime. Please think before you sign