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How to apply

After you have read through the guidelines below if you or your organisation would like to apply and make a formal application form please send your request to  info@offlimits.co.nz

Please note that applications can only be considered if they are complete and on the official application form.

Guidelines   for Funding

 The OffLimits Trust will consider applications for grants for a wide range of purposes including:

 Providing assistance in any manner which the Trustees determine (whether financially or otherwise) to support the welfare, education, health, wellbeing and/or general recreational needs of all or any member of the New Zealand Defence Force;

  • Promoting, organising, overseeing ,supporting, sponsoring, funding and conducting sports competitions, tournaments, events, programs and activities pertaining to sports for all members of the New Zealand Defence Force;
  • Supporting, sponsoring and funding any member of, or sports team in, the New Zealand Defence Force to represent and compete in sporting competitions or tournaments;
  • Providing funding for the acquisition of equipment for any gym used by members of the New Zealand Defence;
  • Actively promoting and increasing participation in sport and physical activity within the New Zealand Defence Force;
  • Encouraging recruitment to the New Zealand Defence Force by conducting amateur sporting competitions for New Zealand Defence Force members and the general public;
  • Creating and providing assistance to other charitable trusts or organisations which have charitable purposes substantially similar to the Trust Purposes.

Who can apply for funds?

To be eligible for grants you need to be a non-profit organisation or individual that is a member of the NZDF involved in the areas of recreation, health, welfare, or amateur sport.

The following are examples of purposes which are unlikely to be considered for funding:

  • Administration costs for sports groups.
  • Costs associated with staging “after-match” functions for sporting groups.
  • Feasibility study or report writing.
  • Servicing of existing debt.
  • Grants to non-affiliated sports or social clubs.
  • Grants to clubs that use a commercial gaming machine site (eg a pub) as a clubroom or sporting venue.
  • Cash prizes or large non-cash prizes.
  • Purchase or subsidy of alcohol, food, entertainment or refreshments – other than in special circumstances.
  • “Trade tournaments” or sporting events staged primarily for commercial publicity and/or the benefit of a selected industry group.
  • Travel insurances and taxes.
  • Vehicles for motorsport, private or commercial activities.
  • Sporting trips for supporters.
  • Commercial tourist promotions.
  • A purpose that will result in a clear commercial gain or profit for an individual or organisation.
  • Grants to further the activities of professional sports persons (except where such a donation is made for any coaching, training or development purpose for an amateur sport community organisation).
  • Family reunions or group reunions.
  • Events or trips, which are predominantly social in nature.
  • Purchase or subsidy of vehicles intended for purposes associated with social functions.
  • Prizes for sporting events except for trophies or modest non-cash prizes for use in genuine community sporting events (the definition of “modest” will in each case be determined by the size of the event concerned).
  • Dress uniforms and laundry.
  • Grants for the benefit of lobby groups or political parties.
  • Grant requests for fundraising for another organisation are not permissible. This includes 3rd party requests.
  • Projects that are considered to be the responsibility of existing NZDF budgets.

 This is by no means a definitive list.  The Trust will acknowledge receipt of and evaluate all applications and inform applicants if the criteria are not met.

Terms and Conditions

  • The OffLimits Charitable Trust (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Trust’) is under no obligation to meet requests for grants. The funds belong to the Trust which has the sole right to determine whether a grant will be approved and no dialogue or correspondence will be entered into regarding decisions made on applications.
  • All grant requests are considered at trustee meetings which are held quarterly, and are subject to the availability of funds Applicant individuals or groups must be applying for funds for purposes as defined by the OffLimits trust deed.
  • Applications must be future focused, ie, the application must be approved prior to the event/project/purchase taking place. Retrospective applications cannot be processed.
  • The Trust requires a report advising how the Trust grant was spent.
  • The Trust expects an acknowledgement in any publicity connected with the project.


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